Hi, I am Matt.

I am data science and analytics engineer at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. In early 2022, I’ve joined cynkra in an advisory role. I contribute to open source software and the R Project for Statistical Computing in particular. At work, I design solutions for state of the art data processing, management and dissemination.

I am a collaborator in a National Science Foundation (SNSF) funded National Research Program (NRP 77) and was a co-chair for the 2021 edition of useR!, the annual conference of the R Project for Statistical Computing. I continue to work in a global useR! working group to help a broad variety of R users around the world attend future useR! events.

Also, I am 1/2 of banboo data, an open source collaboration with @jburkahrdt to help website owners analyze their data with open source software.