Teaching & Workshops

I believe teaching is an essential part of research. To me, teaching is so much more than ‘just’ onboarding the next generation of researchers. Interaction with learners adds an extra perspective for instructors and helps scholars to communicate better. I am thankful for the great output and input I’ve received through my courses and workshops. Hence I enjoy teaching a lot. Though not a fulltime lecturer, I try to teach a workshop or course every semester (or at least every year).

ETH PhD Program: Hacking for Social Sciences

The Hacking for Social Sciences course is part of the hacking for social sciences project (h4sci) and intends to help scholars of Social Sciences and the Humanities gain a carpentry level understanding of applied programming with data as well as big picture view of the open source software ecosystem and infrastructure.

Project website: https://h4sci.github.io

Book (in the making): https://h4sci.github.io/h4sci-book/

The course is currently taught at *ETH Zurich as part of the D-MTEC PhD program**. The course is open to ambitious master students and guests. ETH course catalog

Hacking Social Media

Guest lecture on using social media in research at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

Digital History

Full semester data science course for students of humanities at the department of history at the university of Basel.

Older Projects and Workshops

Interactive Statistics and Data Visualization with R and Shiny

Exploring Statistics with R

Webdatanet Training School (a COST net project)

Principles of Econometrics Tutorial with R

Workshops in the Public Sector

Workshops and Consulting in the Automotive Industry