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techTalk: R in Production - The R Ecosystem @KOF

This talk discusses the open source stack behind KOF Swiss Economic Institute's production of time series, highly respected indicators and timely publications.

adminR: Economic Statistics - R in Production

The KOF Swiss Economic Institute reads, processes, exchanges and publishes large amounts of economic data on a regular basis. The institute has used the R language to migrate and operate all underlying processes into an open source driven ecosystem. …

Not so big data: 5 reasons to store time series in a database (anyway)

My data are not that big, should I store it in a database? I get this question from various flavors of researchers, data analysts and even from their new school version, data scientists. And almost every single time my advice is: yes, use a database, preferrably a SQL database. Here are five reasons why… Admittedly, size does matter when it comes to data. But my advice to use an SQL database for your (scientific) time series data doesn’t even need the big data buzzword to back it up.