Waffle charts - Learning from the NBA champs - A beginners example in R

19 games into the new NBA season, the Golden State Warriors have yet to loose a game. Sports casters are searching for words to express their surprise and fascination. The NBA regular season finally has the kind of story it did not have in years. The reigning champs play a brand of basketball that makes many of us believe we are witnessing a paradigm shift in pro basketball. Plus the Dubs got Steph Curry who might become the first MVP to earn an MIP award.

On the radar - Easy radar chart example involving Michael Jordan vs Stephen Curry

Just when we thought we shook off the last pesky next-MJ-writer, this Steph Curry kid shows up to check the wingspan of our jaws. With Kobe Bryant announcing retirement recently and LeBron playing too much freight train style to draw comparisons we thought we were finally done with the search for the next MJ that annoyed basketball fans for more than a decade. If it’s just for the lack of words the basketball world has for #30’s play, the ultimate benchmark of modern basketball seems appropriate.