Editorial - Don't call it a comeback.

I cannot run a blog. I’ve failed several times at blogging which is why I decided to fail better this time.

I happily suffer from multi-interest desease and have a hard time streamlining my posts or sharpen the profile of my personal weblog. But still, I enjoy having a personal log. But still, I receive feedback, my talks, workshops, advice, hacking and thoughts are actually interesting to others.

So I decided to let it (the strive for streamlining and profile tuning) go. I will just run this as a site to say hi to the stats community + collect my slides, my code and my notes on devOpping in data science / academia. Also expect a little sports blended in.

Basically I’ve been here all the time hacking at rstats, gut-checking new stack, analyzing visualizing, architecting, teaching and discussing. I’ve been around all of these things for 10+ years. Also in the nearby future, there should plenty to write about from useR to my endeavors in official statistics to my R package contributions and the NBA. Besides, I brought some of my old blog posts so the editorial won’t be too lonely up here. I guess, I will continue to bring back some of my older posts by popular demand.



Matt Bannert
gut checks stack. makes public data public. runs on rap & open source.

I am interested in data science devOps for official statistics, open source, time series, rstats, Python and SQL. I contribute to RAdwords, tstools, timeseriesdb and kofdata.