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It's on CRAN - Introducing the kofdata R package

At KOF, we have recently introduced a REST Interface to conveniently automate data downloads. R users can now benefit from an even more convenient way to consume KOF data: the brand new ‘kofdata’ CRAN package. The package allows to download Swiss time series data and meta information through simple R functions. Installing the package is a matter of: install.packages("kofdata") Once you have installed the package you can download data and obtain R time series objects with a simple function call.

Not so big data: 5 reasons to store time series in a database (anyway)

My data are not that big, should I store it in a database? I get this question from various flavors of researchers, data analysts and even from their new school version, data scientists. And almost every single time my advice is: yes, use a database, preferrably a SQL database. Here are five reasons why… Admittedly, size does matter when it comes to data. But my advice to use an SQL database for your (scientific) time series data doesn’t even need the big data buzzword to back it up.